Attorneys Practicing in this Area

Andy Hahs


Even the best-managed property will have its challenges and tenant issues. How these are resolved can mean the difference between a fruitful, long-term relationship or an unanticipated expense. Bittner & Hahs has extensive experience with legal matters relating to property management and landlord-tenant issues. We use this experience to mitigate disputes and secure the best possible outcome for our clients while minimizing the possibilities of a costly litigation.


How We Help Property Managers

  • Applicant screening policies and procedures
  • Lease agreements that protect and minimize exposure
  • Landlord/tenant documents tailored to your circumstances
  • Eviction management and compliance
  • Effective eviction enforcement procedures
  • Property improvement claims
  • Cancellation or extension of lease agreements


How We Help Owners

  • Landlord/tenant dispute resolution
  • Policies, procedures and training documents for Property Managers
  • Breach of contract
  • Fair housing claims


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